Dances of Universal Peace

In Birmingham and Herefordshire

Quotes about the Dances

"The Dances of Universal Peace change lives. And the world changes life by life. All over the earth people long for an alternative to the numbing effects of consumerism, to the fear of diversity that drives human beings apart. They long for an actual experience of reverence for the earth and life in all its forms. The Dances show how."
Neil Douglas-Klotz

“I’m not going to go into any theology, unless we experience it. Because if you listen to me now with your ears and 1 speak with my tongue, we’re still in thought. So I give these walks and dances so you can listen with your whole body.”

“The spiritual dance has no other purpose, no other aim than to elevate [hu]mankind beyond self-thought to joy, to bliss, to realization and to peace.... The sincere dancer is one of the best workers for universal harmony, and so, for universal peace.”

“We look for a universal spiritual-aesthetic revival. The cultivation of ecstasy and the attainment of superconsciousness are steps on the way. We are here to complete our humanity, not to avoid it. Therefore we must hold before ourselves the ideal of the holiness of all beings and the sacredness of the body.”

“What I’m trying to do is to build you up into experiencing love more, without defining it; joy more, without defining it; hope more, without defining it; and a purpose in life without telling you exactly what that should be, because each one has to form his [her] own purpose.”
Samuel Lewis (1896-1971)

“The Dances of Universal Peace put into our hearts and bodies the awe of living, the love of the universe, the experience of community, the delight at the breath we all share, the coming together of cosmos, psyche and deep ecumenism that the human race yearns for today. In the pressing need to redeem worship today, the Dances of Universal Peace play a pivotal role. Because they relate macrocosm with microcosm (universe with psyche), they provide empowerment to heal and to celebrate, to pray in a curved and cosmological manner, to include body at the center of worship once again.”
Fr. Matthew Fox, author of Original Blessing and
The Coming of the Cosmic Christ.